October 1963

May 1963

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Chatty Kathy with Chatty Cathy

Last Family Picture March 1977

I was born in Taunton, Massachusetts at Morton Hospital March 13, 1963. I was the youngest of three children.

I married Thomas Ferreira September 25, 1982 and had 2 children. Tom and I moved to Conway, New Hampshire October 12, 1987. We divorced in August 1990.

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I worked at a few jobs before starting my own cleaning company in 1998.

After having some health issues in 1994, I decided to learn a more natural approach to health, and studied herbalism for 8 years and then finally became a certifed herbalist in the fall of 2002. I then started my own herbal body care business Magikal Dreams Botanicals. In the Summer of 2005, I started Heritage Herbal Center, an herbal consultation and education center to provide people with an alternative solution to their healthcare needs.

I remarried in August 12, 2000 to Michael.

Kathy Lambert